The Second Darkness

The Darkness Within...

- The party goes through the recorpualisation process and becomes drows.

- They are sent through the corrupted iodara, with elven archers in pursuit as to give them a believable cover.

- They are met by poorly organised patrols of drows on the other side of the portals and it is surprisingly easy to slide through the defenses.

-They are offered a ride back to Zirnakaynin by a drow merchant named Gadak. He serves under a noble house called Vonnarc, renowned for its mages, and suggests that the party can get jobs and housing there. They accept.

- They reach Zirnakaynin, a dark and sinister yet beautiful and mesmerising city, and house Vonnarc. Here they are introduced to the slave mother, who immediately sees through their helplessly inadequate lies about where they come from (except Arwaitheon’s naturally). Nonetheless, she hires them – Arwaitheon, Ferris and Istwen to serve in the house, Naurion and Amarand as guards.

- Naurion catches Gadak going through their stuff in their room and he reports him the the slave mother. As a result, Gadak is severely punished and Naurion handsomely rewarded.

- The next evening the party gets poisoned through their dinner – if it is Gadak or the infamous cook is impossible to tell.

- Naurion quickly establishes a solid lead as the favourite servant and is “rewarded” with a quest of catching/killing escaped dryders. The mission succeeds – yet, Naurion is forced to put one of his companions in peril as one has to perform as bait.

- The slave mother is pleased with their work and all of them can start performing better services. A6 feidaeva vonnarc highres Unfortunately, one of these requires of Amarand to serve as executioner in a summoning of a devil led by Vonnarc’s extremely zealous first daughter, Feidaeva.

- Arwaitheon gets jobs as servant and messenger and is able to pick up useful information. E.g. that the Celwynvian attacks and corruption of the iodara corruption are primarily the projects of House Ashrenai, which members’ have now all but left Zirnakaynin. However, the Vonnarc mages (?) are considering to begin the corruption of another iodara close by.

- Naurion’s continues to perform well and is rewarded with higher rank and his own room, which entails that the others must live with other servants in a communal room. None of them are overly thrilled about that perspective.

- A late night the slave mother gets Naurion because she has an urgent task for him. He gets the others from their room, and the slave mother leads all of them to the second floor where the house’s nobles live and out onto the terrace where the family’s blade master/third son is with the local riding lizards merchant and three dead whores. The slave mother emphasises that the merchant can never come near the house again and that the five servants have to get her brought home unseen. No one can know about the incident. Failure to carry out the order accordingly will result in their execution.



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