The Second Darkness

The Armageddon Echo, part 2

Master nolvanse
Arwaitheon, who has been captured by the drows, have been taken to the observatory of past Celwynvian. However, through trickery and luck he escapes his prisoners and flees into the streets of the old Elven city. By asking around, a not so easily accomplished task when dealing with echos, he eventually finds his friends, who have taken refuge in an abandoned house near the inn. The happy reunion is unfortunately cut short when a band of drow assassins, who presumeably have followed Arwaitheon, attack the house. The assailants are defeated, and the party discusses how best to assault/infiltrate the observatory – head on attack is the favourit strategy, and shortly after the assassins’ attack the group repays the favour and barges in through the front doors of the observatory, where a female drow is waiting with her guardsmen. The battle is controlled almost till they end, yet, a single drow succeeds at warning troups further in the building before he dies, which results in two additional attackers – though these are slightly more demonic and damaging. Nonetheless, these foes are defeated as well and the search for Master Nolvanese, the acclaimed master mind behind the Armageddon Echo, continues. This path, however, leads the friends to Razorhorn, the green dragon who has been hunting present Celwynvian. Apparently, Razorhorn has been bribed by the drows to protect them and then tricked as it has been locked with them in the Armageddon Echo incapable of escaping without the aid of the drow wizard. The battle with the guard-dragon is tough, still luckily not fatal to anyone but the dragon. Among its treasure they find all of Shalelu’s equipment and in the next room the find a horribly tortured Shelelu whom they free. She explains to them that the wizard, Master Nolvanese, is holding the only portal key that can open the corrupted iodora, and in addition it creates a safety field around the wielder when the big meteor strikes the city.

Shalelu andosana

Up and up it goes till they reach the roof of the building where Master Nolvanese is indeed waiting for them. He begins with killing Shalelu and then quickly starts rooting out the rest of the allies. Being a truly formidable opponent, he is inches from succeeding, but the Mirrani elves prevail once more. The find the key and await the destruction of past Celwynvian. The key functions as described by Shelelu – they are warded during the impact and transported directly to the iodora which is active and teleports them to present Celwynvian. Here they are greeted by a host of Elven archers who have their arrows pointed directly at whatever may step through the portal. Luckily, the companions are not shot.
250px meteor aftermathShalelu is put to rest and during the evening the elves celebrate their victory amongst the old ruins.
Later Naurion follows Eviana to her tent. She reveals to him that the elders are planning to send a group of adventurers through the iodora to Zirnakaynin (Last Home of the Elves), the Drow city, to infiltrate and investigate the drows’ society and culture. Naurion tells her that he and his friends would be honoured to embarge on such a mission. She is very pleased and explains that a specialist, who are to take care of the technicalities concerning the mission, will arrive in the camp soon. He soon does, and it turns out that he is mage dealing in certain aspects of necromancy. He speaks in length to Naurion about how he intend to get the party disguised and into Zirnakaynin. Naurion, not really the arcanist, relays the information to his friends to the best of his capabilities, and they understand that their souls/minds will be transported from their own bodies into some drows’ bodies.

The Kyonion specialist
Endless night 154

Later, they speak with Kaerishiel who tells them that their mission will be to infiltrate the drows, find out who is the real mastermind behind the Armageddon Echo/repeated Earthfall, and what they are planning to do next. The only slight problem is that the portal will have to be sealed once the companions have gone through it, hence, once their task is complete they will have to find their own way back home.

Pzo9016 zirnakayninZirnakaynin – Last Home of the Elves



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